• Gant de batterie tubulaire non tissé
  • Gant de batterie tubulaire non tissé
  • Gant de batterie tubulaire non tissé
  • Gant de batterie tubulaire non tissé
  • Gant de batterie tubulaire non tissé
  • Gant de batterie tubulaire non tissé

Gant de batterie tubulaire non tissé

brand: JHTD

Origine des produits: Chine

Le délai de livraison: 10 jours ouvrables

La capacité dapprovisionnement: Capacité suffisante, peut répondre aux besoins de tout grand client bien connu

-Non Woven tubular battery gauntlet follows the thermos-moulding process that gives it the shape and rigidity required for non-woven gauntlets, ensuring oxidation resistance.
-The high filtering capacity guarantees minimal leaks of active material.

Gant de batterie tubulaire non tissé

Non Woven Tubular Battery Gauntlet / Non-woven Gauntlet for tubular battery


Non Woven tubular battery gauntlets are the heart of the industrial tubular battery, as they ensure good contact between the Positive Active Material (PAM) and the positive plate spines, better containing any shedding of this material during loading / discharge phases, and allowing for easier production of these plates at the same time. Our gauntlets are particularly suitable for all types of filling (dry vibration, paste and slurry filling).

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Quick Details

Brand Name: JHTD

Shape: square, round, rectangle

Place of Origin: China

Advantage: high porosity

Material: Polyester Fiber

Application: battery positive plate

Model Number: Non-woven Gauntlet for tubular

Packing: Carton Packing

Color: whiteSize: General / Customized

Gauntlet for tubular

Non Woven tubular battery gauntlet specification 


Testing standard


Standard Value


Direct Electric Resistance








Deformation under force



Tensile splitting strength



Pickling weightlessness




We are the largest non-woven gauntlet manufacturer in China. Since its establishment in 1991, it has the largest market share in China and the top three in the world market share. Its products are exported to Europe, America, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other countries.
Our factory is the reference enterprise of China's non-woven gauntlet national standard, and has an independent patent. Compared with the world's largest non-woven gauntlet manufacturer, the quality is the same, but it has a very high cost performance. 


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